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OWNing Dog Ownership© is a 29 page DOG OWNER Preparatory Guide designed to change your Mindset and set you up for success.

🐾Learn how 5 simple Code of Ethics create the wanted outcome with ALL interactions with your dog. 

🐾Learn how to adjust the FREEDOM VALVE so that YOU  are in control of the outcome. 

🐾 Understand WHY you choose the Easy Button over leaving your comfort zone. 

🐾 Learn how to LEARN from your dog, they are walking TRUTH TELLERS.  Learn to watch PHYSICAL movement vs. thought with intention.

🐾 Learn how to turn confusing "No no"  REACTIVE responses into understandable  "Yes, yes" PROACTIVE actions by putting those Code of Ethics into action. 

🐾Learn how to gather motivation by building an Accountability Partnership with your trainer. 

🐾 Learn how to know if your dog is the right fit  for your lifestyle.  Learn the Behavior Safety Levels Grading System.  

🐾 An educational guide to understanding Working, Hunting, Protection, Pulling, Doodles and Toy & Designer breeds and how each category requires a specific lifestyle to thrive.

🐾 Live by this guide and set yourself up for success with any training model.  Why? Because this guide is for YOU.  

End with a Welcome Video and how to begin hands on training! 

Purchase as a Stand Alone Guide or to begin working with me to Reset your Dog's Nervous system.  

🌍Visit the website 🐾 www.pawitforwardllc.com - I look forward to connecting with you.