OWNing Dog Ownership©
Pre-Training Preparatory Guide for Success .

Your dog lives with YOU, not in a classroom. You need REAL LIFE Skills.  This guide prepares you to expand your education beyond a classroom.

 Expand Personal Growth.  Expand you and your dog's coping skills, The importance of Leash control. Dog selective is OKAY! Teach neutrality, Understand incompatible lifestyles cause chaos, Fully understand breed traits, genetics, and a Plan of Action to move forward and more!

Get MORE than simple cues: 

🐾5 Code of Ethics as  your solid guide to success.

🐾Motivation &  Control.  

🐾 Levels Lifestyle Compatibility Grading System 

🐾 Clean Slate Proactive Mindset.

🐾The role of Breed Traits & Genetics in behavior

🐾 Purchase as a Stand Alone, pre training and even post training.   

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OWNing Dog Ownership©
A Preparatory Guide to Successful Training

A Clean Slate Mentality